Jenkins 1.59 / CentOS 7 / GitHub / Rails / RSpec / Rbenv


As this is for personal use the system I configured has 1 64bit CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 30GB SSD HDD (the $10/mo DigitalOcean plan). I first tried it with the $5 plan, that kept giving me memory issues as Jenkins/Hudson runs on a JavaVM so for my needs 1GB of ram was needed. I won’t be running multiple builds with multiple nodes, pretty much whenever I push code to GitHub/BitBucket I want Jenkins to build and deploy code. If I push to master and it passes deploy to production, If I push to development and it passes deploy to staging.

My setup: 1 VM production server, 1 Physical staging server (in my office), 1 JenkinsCI VM server, and numerous repositories on GitHub and BitBucket.

Setting up Jenkins on CentOS 7

Setup for Rails / Rbenv

Adding EPEL to CentOS 7



CentOS 7 and PostgreSQL 9.3


Process to install and initialize.

Ubisoft – Assassin’s Creed Unity


Thank you Ubisoft! I now am going to think twice when it comes to pre-ordering games. I wanted to like this game so much like the other Assassin’s Creed games but with all the bugs and the user experience is just unplayable. I’ve jumped from one rooftop to another just to end up in an endless free fall. I am every disappointed.