Swift – Convert String to Double


Swift has conventions to convert a string into an int

But for doubles, lets say you want var dblString = “5.559” converted from a string to a double. You can’t just do dblString.toDouble()!, not going to happen it just gives an error. So the solution for now is to use Objective-C


Home made Poo Pourri


My wife brought home some poo poo spray one night and I asked her how much it cost for this 2 oz bottle of water and fragrance oils. $10 for a 2 oz bottle of what I assume is mostly tap water and essential oils. Now I have to admit I used it and it does work but I know I can make something similar. And at a better price point which would make it so much better. I knew I needed an emulsifier to mix the water and fragrances together.


Alcohol is an oil emulsifier but so is something called Polysorbate 20. I found that industries use Polysorbate 20 to mix fragrances into liquids like bleach and cleansers. It’s also used in cosmetics.

Shopping List:

Things I needed: 91% alcohol, polysorbate 20, essential oils, water, spray bottles, and pipettes.

So with an Amazon Prime account I started to buy.

How to:

Polysorbate 20 Version

I think this version is the closest you’ll get to the original.

1 spray bottle
2 oz water
20-40 drops total of essential oils (amount of drops dictate strength)
20-40 drops of Polysorbate 20 (match the amount of oils that you dropped)

First mix the equal amounts of polysorbate 20 and essential oils, this is a key step. I did this step through trial and error the more polysorbate 20 you add the clearer the mixture will get. I did this step by adding polysorbate into water and adding oils and it wont have that milky look to it. I think Poo Pourri has a milky consistency so mix equal amounts of polysorbate 20 and essential oils first.

Then put 2 oz water into spray bottle then add mixture of oils and polysorbate.

Mix it and Bam! you have yourself some home made Poo Spray.

Now assuming you want to make larger batches, I would guess just follow the same steps increase drops of essential oils and polysorbate 20 at equal amounts to desired strength and then add to water.

1:1 ratio of oils to polysorbate 20

Alcohol Version

In case you don’t have access to Polysorbate 20.

1 spray bottle
2 oz water
20-40 drops total of essential oils (amount of drops dictate strength)
60-120 drops of 91% Isopropyl Alcohol

With the alcohol version I don’t think it makes a difference of when to mix. I’ve done water and alcohol then oils, alcohol and oils then water. Unlike the polysorbate 20, when you mix it to water and then add oils it doesn’t have that milky consistency. So mix away and Bam! Poo Poo Spray.

1:3 ratio of oils to alcohol


The polysorbate is the best. I hope this helps. For essential oils i’ve used: Bergamot (a citrus scent, I love Issey Miyaki and this scent is used in his cologne), Lemon, Peppermint, Pink Grapefruit, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Menthol, Lavender, and Tea Tree. All in varying concentrations and mixtures.

I also found these recipes online searching google.