Making a Remote Git Repo on Media Temple (DV)


I’ll be using ssh and rsa certs.

ssh into your server using root.

Add a user on the server

Now you should have a /home/git directory
Inside that directory we will make a new repo and cd into it:

You now have a remote git repository. To create new repos just follow these steps without the adduser, unless you want to create users for each different repos. You might want to look into gitosis

Now generating ssh keys to connect the server and client instead of using a password.

This should create on your client computer a .ssh directory and to files: id_rsa and important to us. Mac location is “/User/[username]/.ssh”, Linux location is “/home/[username]/.ssh.
cd into that directory then:

this is your public key that needs to be copied into your servers .

Paste the public key into this file and save. Since I use a Mac I had to duplicate [copy] that file into authorized_keys2.


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